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You Will Completely Control Your Crops

Fill in the application form with your crop data and find out which are your irrigation needs, rates of fertilizer, and disease and pest risk warnings. Nothing will get out of your control.

What do our clients think about us?

Ruth Montagud

Agricultural Engineer (Noray)

What I like the most about Orcelis is how easy is to use, its huge date base and their continuous advice about any doubts you may have. Orcelis helps you to know what is exactly happening in your agricultural holding by filling in the specific parameters of each farm. Furthermore, it provides you with the explotation book that is necessary to comply with the current legislation

Francisco J. Murcia

Foreman (Selma Ferrández, S.L.)

Orcelis Fitocontrol is an agricultural holding management system that teaches you how to personally and directly manage one or more farms. You have the real control of your agricultural holding. You know exactly what you have.

Fernando Espasa Sanchís

Technical (Agrogarden, s.l.)

It is a really useful and efficient tool for the technician because it helps him or her to calculate the nutritional needs very quickly, just by introducing some data about the holding.
You will need very little time to manage all your holdings, including fertilization, irrigation, field notebook, machinery, analysis, etc.

Get Profitability Never Seen Before In Agriculture

Orcelis Fitocontrol optimizes your means and avoids unnecessary expenses. Save 50% in the maintenance of your crops and get the most out of them thanks to its decision support system.

You Will Always Know What to Do

A red spider pest? Is it legal to use your insecticide or you do not know for which one you can replace it? You want to use your own products and you do not know the quantity you should use? It does not matter which your problem is. Orcelis Fitocontrol will always find a solution for you.

You Will Save Time and Money

Orcelis Fitocontrol’s calculations prevents you from wasting time trying to make them by yourself. Save dozens of hours per month and keep calm knowing that there is not a single mistake. Time is money and now you will be able to spend your time taking decisions, not calculating.

One Tool for Everything

If there is anything you can do in crops, you will find it in Orcelis Fitocontrol: irrigation control, fertilizers, special treatments, the exploitation book, Satellite control, GLOBALGAP protocols, water footprint, expenses management and everything you can imagine.

Monthly Fees

  • 39,90€
    • Perfect for personal use and crop management
    • Up to 50 hectares
    • Advanced calculation of fertirrigation, water, soil and vegetable analysis
    • Integrated management pest (can be included)
    • Customization of company logo
    • Calculation of water footprint (can be included).
  • 79,90€
    • Perfect for crop advisors
    • Up to 500 hectares
    • Advanced calculation of fertirrigation, and water, soil and vegetable analysis
    • NDVI Satellite images (can be included)
    • Integrated management pest (can be included)
    • Customization of company logo
    • Customization of reports
    • Calculation of water footprint (can be included)

Orcelis Fitocontrol Team

Julio Perete Ridocci

International Manager

Alfonso Ortuño Gallud

Agronomic Consultant

Joaquin Alfonso González

R&D of projects. Programming Department

Juan F. Giner Gonzálbez

Agronomic Advisor

Pablo Chavida Cancelo

Graphic Designer

Juan Diego Cordón Toledano

Chief Operating Office. USA

María Elena Armada Jorro

Agronomic Department

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